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I wish you many future successes。


My arms are wide open for you this New Year。


To wish you special joy at the holidays and all year。


The New Year, offer best wishes to you。


I wish you in the New Year health, live long and prosper。


I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year。


After the New Year, we will be here waiting for you。


May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace。


May the joy of New Year festival be with you throughout the year。


May the New Year be a time of laughter and real enjoyment for you。 Wish you well。


May the coming New Year bring you and your loved one many good things and rich blessings!


On this special day I send you New Year wishes, and hope that some day soon we shall be together。


All the splendor in the world is not worth a bosom friend。 In the old days, I wish you all good!


May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings, come at New Year and stay with you all the year through。


May the bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year day and night, I wish you a wonderful New Year!


In this new moment, let me send you a sincere blessing: I wish you a pleasant journey a bonanza rich!


Every New Year wish my life with you, we can a lifetime together, New Year's day looks long dependency in the New Year。


Wish New Year! May the New Year the auspicious atmosphere, caresses your suave skirt, let you feel my love a quiet and peaceful。


New Year's day to eat dinner, drink less, eat more vegetables, can't reach, stand up, people worship, play play to depend on, can't eat, take back!


I wish you a powerful light duty, doing little more money near home, sleep to nature to wake everyday, salary is hand cramps, others overtime pay you!


If memory is a kind of feelings, may all belong to our memories are sweet。 Release of another kind of friendship in the New Year。 Happy New Year's day。


Off 2015, celebrates its 2016; Heaven really drop pie, buy lottery tickets on; A wife is beauty, is the star; Tianshun career day, better than the li ka shing。 Haha, happy New Year!


You are the cream of maples, old red。 The more is experienced the vicissitudes, but it looks straight。 I sincerely wish you the tree of life evergreen。 I wish a happy New Year!


Just before Christmas, New Year's day is coming, I will sincerely wish you in the New Year, good luck often with life colorful, purse, make work right xinxin。


I hope all the sadness and misfortune complete with the end of the year, I wish all the happiness and joy for the arrival of New Year! Happy New Year's day, all the best!


New Year festival is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS send to you。 Short message is feeling, every word from my heart。 Heart bless peace and happiness, the family harmony。


Has been very want to say with you, but I don't know do you think I am too impatient。 I was afraid of being scooped again, so I decided to summon up courage to tell you: happy New Year!


The falling snow is my patches of truth; Then the howl of the wind is my greet; You must be better this year。 Since New Year's day, forget the past, tomorrow will be better!


My missing for you is like the ravine, orchid light faint scent hanging over you, the blessing is boundless attention drifted into your heart。 May my love stay with you until forever!


Wish you good luck in the New Year, baiwujinji, five blessings, wealth and good fortune, windfall moved, wealth, a promotion, the business is thriving, concluding, congratulation!


The sky "tingting birch, faint northland scenery has come"。 Brief 2015 me away from you, for both will be the arrival of 2016 with numerous Chong scene, New Year's day happiness!


New Year, I wish you a Pepsi, everything fenda, everyday wahaha, yueyue le Pepsi, macleod high year after year, feeling like Sprite, always smart, happy, good luck!

33、元旦即将来到,祝福提前送到,祝你家庭圆满,永不孤单, 爱情圆满,爱不单行,友情圆润,成双结对,祝元旦快乐!

New Year's day is coming, we wish to ahead of time, I wish you a complete family, never lonely, perfect love, love is not single, friendship is fruity, pairing in pairs, I wish a happy New Year!


This year New Year's day is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS send to you。 Healthy and happy longer with you, stick to you a happy, and I want to tell you, the god of wealth has been watching you!


In order to thank for many years, concern and support to kick off during New Year's day! Everyone who has a certain position in my heart I will get a MAO's New Year's day message a value of RMB。


The first ray of sunshine is my deep blessing for you, pack up the sunset last wipe purples are my heartfelt greetings to you, on New Year's day approaching, send sincere wishes: happy New Year!


Through numerous mountains and rivers, across numerous cities, and let the heart to meet, washing you'll tired, may every wish every desire is note, spectrum of happiness for you, bless you!


Zero bells resounded through the end of the world and a New Year's train set out on time。 It carry to a memorable years, ushered in another round of red time。 Wish you a happy New Year and bright prospects!


Few words more than friendship, word is not much blessing。 Christmas, New Year's day is fast, I wish you know, don't have to look, don't want to。 Let my blessing all know。 Happy Christmas, New Year's day double day。


Cold winter quietly passed, changeful weather, not change the mood! Faint chill breeze you would like to the exhaustion of a lifetime and the rustling of the north wind passed I sincerely miss。 New Year's day happiness!


The links don't care how many, the truth is often in good, Although quickly to New Year's day, less than my blessing to the first。 A little short of confidence expectation, I wish you a happy New Year's day, wishing, finances rolling, not lack of money!


New Year's day, New Year's day。 Say goodbye to the old trouble, welcome the New Year good; Collection of old memories, looking forward to happiness in the New Year。 Wish the best to。 I wish you a happy New Year, backgammon, every day in the number of money!

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